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TS Seduction features these two hot BDSM trannies that are as merciless as they come. They call their slave into their room and tie him to a leash for some TS kink. They both whip out their hard cocks, and they make their lowly slave lick and suck them. One of the hot kink shemales grabs the leash and forces his head all the way down the shaft of his cock! Both of these merciless shemales take turns violating his asshole with their hard cocks, until they force their leashed slave to fuck their own assholes!

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Juliana, Nicoly, and Vivi have always had deep fantasies revolving around getting a shared stud to meet them somewhere outside and secluded to play with. As these top shemales begin holding their guy down while outside, he’s soon forced to lick them up and down while they whip him in the nude. As this hunk of a stud meets their every demand, he’s soon sucking on their boots to meet their feet fetish while showing off his cut body in the full nude. With being thrown on the ground, these sluts soon have their way with them with their thick hard cocks.

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